Why Yoga Is Useful For Our Life



People wont find it hard to agree with me when i say, “The surface reality is actually an illusion

Obviously, one has to dig deep down to find the truth about life and self and whatever else is in there.

Everybody knows that right?

And yet, the strife and the pain and the frustration, anger and the general ball busting of everyday life, all to just make peace with that illusion.


Now THAT, I would say is 3 ft under i.e., people know it, but chooses not to acknowledge it. Hence we got a generation adjusting and adapting to THAT illusion. Amidst the ambiguity people start pointing fingers. Which is just Natural tendency.

I mean something or someone is accountable for all our problems right? Pointing finger at religion, at politics, at the system.

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” -Winston Churchill

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Now I’ll let you in on a secret(not meant to be a secret though). In the beginning there was purusha, pure potential often attributed to the consciousness.

Then came Prakriti, nature.  Our core or the energy inside of us, which powers our minds and bodies is purusha. Everything around us, prakriti. Our individuality  which is the source of our love, our passion and everything that makes us human is bound for separateness. Separateness from the universe and prakriti.

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Now because of what we truly are underneath, we are at a constant state of disagreement with the nature. Although this disharmony is not the best course of conduct, its just what we are, In layman’s terms, what we want is often not what nature wants, hence the friction.

The valid question now would be, are we forever bound to all this?

Hard truth:  As long as you are alive, you will experience resistance.

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So how do we solve this existential inconvenience?

How can one achieve balance and spirituality and ultimately happiness and fulfillment when the whole universe is in direct conflict with one?

The solution lies in one’s self.

I believe Man’s curiosity is his greatest redemption also,  In his curiosity he asked “what if I’m the problem? Now THAT is a million dollar question. (It wouldn’t hurt for us to ask this question every once in a while).

When he gave up trying to control and conquer everything, the universe revealed itself to him. He learned how to give up, how to withdraw. He learned the recipe for creating order out of chaos. He learned the science of stillness.

This is the amazing story of yoga. And its still going on. Yoga has been at the forefront of Man’s search for meaning for over 5000 years.

If you aren’t impressed with yoga yet, let me tell you something. Consider a life of a person who had never adopted yoga. His lifestyle would be that which had been formed from his own experiences and the conclusions he had drawn from them.

Now consider a yogi. His lifestyle would be based on deep personal revelatory ideals amalgamated with thousands of years of refinement; he will simply be an enlightened being. He’s beyond the grief and suffering of mediocrity(in a spiritual sense of course).

They say yoga is not just stretching and breathing.

They say it is a lifestyle.

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Patanjali  believed to be the first person who codified the art and science of yoga prescribed an 8 limbed path or Ashtanga. Yama and Niyama(the shoulds & shouldnots), asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi are the eight limbs.

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Practicing them is a means of conditioning our minds to live a more refined life. Hence yoga is ultimately the lifestyle. It is the action as well as the reward. Yoga is like a god, it has many forms. The most popular are Hatha(willful or forceful) yoga.

It involves the asanas. Hatha yoga is only one among four types of yoga practices as taught in the upanishads. Mantra, laya, Raja being the other three.


The recognition it’s got in the world now is a testament to its incredible effects. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is practiced across the world today. It even has a day dedicated to it. The National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences or NIMHANS has dedicated research on the science behind yoga.

Yoga centers are popping up in hospitals nowadays. In addition to keeping our joints in the best possible conditions, it also works on the endocrine system helping all the glands function properly. It enhances the blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout the body keeping each and every corner of the body in the best possible condition.

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MRI scans have shown sufficient optimization of brain activity with uttering of chants and other yoga practices. Yoga maintains and conditions the body so that the five koshas are in balance and in tune.


Yoga is India’s gift to the world. It is the closest thing to a perfect lifestyle a human being can achieve. It does not discriminate between age, gender, caste or creed.


To this day yoga stands tall and proud as a token of faith in humanity (not all has gone south), calmly stating the fact that world peace is not an impossible feat.

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