Top SEO Strategies You Must Follow While Writing An Article


SEO Strategy is the trick by which we welcome more users to your website by obtaining a high ranking position in the popular search engines like Google,Yahoo! and Bing.

Why is it so important ?

It is only through it that we are able to gain as much audience as possible and cater to their needs. It is only through the SEO Strategies that your content earns popularity and becomes trending and viral.

So how is it possible ?

Here are some tips which you must follow :-

1. Let Your Keywords Speak
The keywords which you have entered also plays an important role in planning your SEO Strategy.

A good set of keywords will attract users and the search engine will be optimized to show      up your article to the user.This will also help the users to connect to you instantly.

2. Know The Trend


May it be the latest YouTube video or that top charting play store app, know the winner in your area. 

This will help you to understand the trend and keep moving on with it.Believe me, you can use this as a point to garner more views and the reader will find it more catchy and will always be on your side !

3.Tend To Your Locality


You have to first start pacing within your locality and understand what is people’s expectation in your area.

Just let Google know where you are located and you will be able to people looking for similar interests as yours. About 50% of the people only show interest on local businesses and they are more benefited by it.So let your location play the role !

4. Voice Search Is The Best


Nowadays,voice search has got equal importance to that of typing.So optimize yourself so that people are able to voice search your content.70% of the users use Google voice search and you can make better use of it too.

5. Use The Social Networking Platforms


Social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter have also helped to the cause of promoting your content.So make use of it wisely! Share your content on social networking pages and make it viral.

6. Advertise It


Advertise your content so that the world knows your masterpiece ! Advertise on the right platform and help the customers know that you are here.

However,200 million people have installed ad free blockage. Though it is a good news for consumer,it is a bad news for marketer.So see to it too!

7. Use Android App Facilities


Android apps can be very user friendly and help people a lot with popularity and make your website or article mobile friendly.About 100 billion apps were downloaded as of 2015 and you can see its popularity too.

8. Use HTTPS Server


This server is very secure and can help people to be protective about their Content.S in HTTPS stands for security and hence it is obvious for us.

Google itself recommends HTTPS server and boosts the ranks of websites with higher rank.So you can relay on it.

9. Is The Best Markup For Your Website


Using this page,you can tell google where your website is located,what is the logo of your page and so on.This is a very good platform and can help you reach out more.

10. Measure Your Result


Make use of various online tools like Facebook, Twitter, third party Facebook website) and so on and share your page link with more people.You will get various connections through this and you will also know what is the trending article through it and what really attracts the people nowadays.

So stay tuned and be updated.

These SEO Strategies can work well for all articles and can help writers achieve great Success while writing articles.

These are the popular strategies of 2016 and it will continue to do so in the near future.So keep in touch with the trend and expand your leadership qualities when it comes to SEO Strategies and write on.