Top 5 things unsuccessful people do

Top 5 things Unsuccessful People Do

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Successful people are not those who jump from sky. They develop their abilities, overcome their weakness and focus on their goal set. They achieve their target through Hard work, Dedication and Courage.”The Real Secret of Success is Enthusiasm” quoted Walter Chrysler. Being Enthusiastic and Cheerful will surely lead you to the way of Success. But there are people who do just the opposite of people who are successful and end up being defeated. They have these 5 attitude issues that don’t take them to the altitude.

Being Pessimistic and lack of confidence:-

Image result for pessimistSuccessful people are never afraid of taking extra risks, if it means the benefit of their Career. They are un biased to success and failure. Their competition is only among themselves. But the failures are of those, who end up getting negative thoughts and cold feet, and cannot move on to the next stage. On a survey in America in 2013,it is revealed that only 50% were able to call themselves optimists. They lack confidence on their own self and do not believe that they are capable of reaching greater heights and thus always under perform.
‘I can’t do it.’
‘I wont be able to achieve it.’
‘I don’t look good, so they wont like me !’
‘This is gonna be a total flop !’
These are all some of the samples of pessimistic thoughts.

Image result for success steps with manBeing Lazy :-

Successful people all start up as a newbie, then climb the ladder and progress themselves through their dedication and hard work. Laziness is never a word in their dictionary. They don’t postpone things and don’t really trust the coning future. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, keep on procrastinating for their work and end up being imperfect. The story of ant and the Grasshopper (which we all must have studied during our primary schooling) will surely explain this. This attitude is very dangerous and it would surely lead to failure. Though Bill Gates has once said “I will always find a lazy person to do an easy job, because he will always find an easy way to do it”, this attitude is definitely not recommended to be successful. Laziness can be so threatening that you will not reach anywhere and just always remain the spectators of Successful people, not being yourselves one among them.
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Being Unpunctual:-

Just imagine this situation. It is your first day of Job. Your alarm rings at 6 AM and you switch it off and continue to doze off. Your Office timing is at 10 AM. You again wake up at 8.00 AM and get ready in a hurry bury manner and reach the office at 10.05.Will your employer be impressed? The first impression is the best impression and it would eventually be a bad impression. So being unpunctual is not going to help you in your path to success. It is better to be in time than on time, always. This is always neglected by under performers and they end up being out of time. Time is so precious that if you waste it, you are definitely going to feel pressured to make up on the time wasted. This is one of the drawbacks of people, who are yet to meet success.
The simple equation for failure could be like this:-
Lazy + Unpunctual=First step to failure

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Being Unrealistic:-
Reality is the only truth. The past is gone and the future is yet to arrive. It is always good if we stay at 2016(and yes, 2017 in some days) than believing on 2038.We do not know what is in store for us and it is always good to believe in present time. I do not mean that planning for success in the upcoming years is a rough deal. I just mean that depending on it is an awful blunder that most of the unsuccessful people do. The worst pit holes they can dig for being unsuccessful can be:-
1.Depending on future and wasting the present moment
2.Blaming their past mistakes for their current situation
3.Always daydreaming and yet not concentrating on the work
4.Being over confident
5.Judging others based on their mistakes and yet being a victim of that mistake themselves.
This will all eventually lead to failure and it is what done by them.

So IMPOSSIBLE is nothing.Getting Success depends in the attitude of a person towards his or her life because it itself says “I m possible”

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Under achievers possess all these 5 qualities which would not let them reach their destiny of Success. It is even dangerous if people possess even one of these qualities. If this is going to be the case, people will need to change their attitude so that they can be successful. Instead of being one among the crowd, they would be able to lead the crowd if they are able to overcome these drawbacks.