Techniques To Promote Your Blog Content – A Life Guts Tips


Did you know that, what you write is not the only thing which is required for your article to make rounds on social media. Besides excellent writing the readers need other stuff too to attract themselves to open the article and actually read it.

You might be an excellent writer, but sometimes only being that doesn’t seem to work as such. Internet is filled with all type of content, but sometimes something else is so catchy that you must have always wondered ‘why did I even read this?’ after reading the article.


Let us see some of the techniques that actually would make your article do rounds on the internet.

1. First things first. You should come with an eye-catching title. Which indirectly of directly gives a list  of your article. Use power words in your title, making it interactive, yet to the point.

For example, ‘5 little things you should remember before taking a decision’ etc.

2. You have to keep in mind that the article is short and sweet. The only problem with long articles you tend to move away from the flow and it becomes monotonous. Hence, readers lose interest.

3. Humans have a tendency to compare and see a competition in everything. You can therefore make it more interesting by comparing various stuff, like maybe men vs. women; small entrepreneurs vs. big entrepreneurs.

For example, “How children are getting to learn technology quickly than adults.” Make your readers curious before making them read.

4. Make your readers believe in what you have written. Try adding real life incidents, this way you stay connected with the readers and hold their attention for long.


In addition to that try using effective quotes wherever possible.

5. People have a special love for pictures and videos. Use attractive and related pictures along with videos. Readers understand better seeing the pictures and videos than just reading. This increases the chances of the blog/ article being shared to others increasing your popularity.

6. Choose that time of the day or week when readers are most active. Like choose a weekend in the evenings or noon times to post your blog and then keep promoting it now and then.

It is not only important as to what you post, but also when you post.


7. People are interested in drama, gossip. They love reading about other lives. Anything related to TV shows, hot celebrities, movie reviews attract a lot of readers.

Moreover gossip keeps the readers engaged till the end. They do not think twice before sharing such articles.

8. Latest happening in and around the world and people’s opinion about them is what matters these days. You can create questionnaire and ask people to give their opinion on it by enabling the comment section.

This will increase the traffic of your blog and will help the article to reach places.

9. Content being positive or negative, is highly circulated. The only thing is it should have emotions in it and people get attached to such stuff. Having said that, do not add foolish content. Readers tend to believe in what they read, they do not think twice before sharing it.

So, be genuine and think before you write something false. Readers after all blindly believe in you, you do not want to lose their trust, do you?


10. Give always, discounts, attractive offers, useful tips, inspirational quotes, informative facts are some of the topics you can choose to make your article go viral.

These topics attract a lot of readers and they tend to share it with their friends and family.