How To Start A Simple Blog Within Budget


“Blogging has become the trending word in recent days next to tweeting, So do you think,that Blogging is your cup of tea? You might be having these questions in your mind?”…

  • ‘Is it expensive?’
  • ‘The amount of money and time I spend on it-is it really worth ?’
  • ‘Why don’t I prove my writing skills through writing?’
  • ‘Will my blog go viral?’

Of course, the positive answer to all these questions is possible-if you have that knack and taste of writing. So to lay the strong foundation for your world of blogging, let me give out some few steps :-


1.Start It Small-Content Is All That Matters!


If you have invested in lakhs but your article is full of typos and grammatical errors, can you expect the reader to like your post and give you kudos? Pointless,right?
Instead if you are going to play with your words with expertise and attract your readers,spending just enough amount of time and cash,you are obviously on the way to make it in the world of blogging. Creativity is all matters-Dude!

Some of the popular bloggers according to life hacks are:-

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Rand fishkin
  • Pat Flynn
  • Brian Clark
  • Andrew Sullivan

Check out their blogs and you will understand what I mean.

2.Best Blogging Platforms Ever!

The first step to blogging can be tried out freely using some blogging sites that offer wide range of facilities for Bloggers and make your blogging experience really amazing.

Some of them are as follows:-


WordPress:- This is the most popular blogging website where users can easily write articles,which is auto saved and user gets to automatically proof read it and review it. There is a free and paid version as well!
Image result for blogger With its easy-to-use interface, you can also add photos and music,with voice recording facilities too! This is an absolutely free blog where you can spellcheck your articles and easily edit it.

Image result for postach From the creators of Evernote,it is a free blogging platform where all you need is to create an account and write your posts.
Image result for medium

Medium:- A place to read,write and interact, medium is the best option for bloggers to rise their opinions in terms of every fields they are interested in.
Image result for weebly

Weebly:- It not only acts as a blogging platform but also has an online store on it’s own.
Image result for This website does not even require you logging in but you can write your own articles here.

Some of the other well known blogging platforms are:-

  • Tumblr
  • Ghost
  • LiveJournal
  • Jekyll
  • Wix
  • Square Space

3. Renew Your Interest


How to start a Simple Blog within Budget


You might have had a few experience on baking cakes and might have taken courses on embroidery designs some 4 or 5 years ago.But it is all that matters now-to renew your skill set and set going!

Some of the tips that I can mention for it are :-

  1. Surf on the recent trends on your interested areas and be up-to-date.
  2. Do a crash course on your area and be well expertised on it.
  3. Discuss it with professionals and get an idea related to it.
  4. Be confident on your skills and talents!

4. Organize Your Team

Team work always works wonders-having a great team support can lead you to achieving more.

5. Plan Out Your Budget Level

How to start a Simple Blog within Budget

In case of cooking, photography and other such related topics, you will need to post pictures and posts regarding your area and you wish it to be flawless.

Instead of taking pics on your NIKOS D4S FULL FORMAT DSLR CAMERA,You can even rely upon your mobile camera and take amazing pictures and convert it into HD Format.

The timing, angle and creativity is all that really matters.For beginners,Blogging can be a fulfilling experience if spent minimum half and hour a day.


As your blog grows with its popularity,The costs can be anything from domain and hosting services, social media scheduling programs,advertising costs and so on.Discussing with your peers and managing it is all that really matters.

6. Little Interest, Creativity And Time Is All That Is Required
If we are going to start a new blog,things may not be as expected in the beginning.But as you progress,you will be able to explore the pro’s and con’s of this field and thus do your best in it.

With this positive note,I wish you all success with your blogging experience.