Reason Behind Delhi Air Pollution?


Delhi, the capital of India is facing a major threat in the recent days. And that threat is none other than Air Pollution. Air pollution is disturbing the normal functioning of the city. In simple words, we can define air pollution as the introduction of unwanted particles to the Earth’s atmosphere.

These unwanted particles are called pollutants. These pollutants can be sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, UV rays, Nitrogen oxides, etc. But the main reason that is making the air pollution in Delhi the worst is SMOG.

What is SMOG?

SMOG is smoke and fog. It is a type of air pollutant. The air pollutants emitted from various sources like vehicles, burning of fossil fuels, etc. react with sunlight and heat along with fine particles in the atmosphere to form smog. It occurs when there is high humidity and low temperature. Smog is a light blackish fog that covers the atmosphere.

Now, the entire Delhi is covered with smog.


What are the causes?

1. The celebrations occurred during Diwali gave the main contributions for the occurrence of smog. Fireworks, crackers, lightings, etc. emitted air pollutants to the air. As the winter is approaching the temperature is getting cooler. Cooler temperature and dusty winds blocked the pollutants and formed intense smog.

2. Burning of leftover crops in the nearby states is also responsible for this situation.

3. Population growth is also a reason. Immense dusts from construction sites, burning of fossil fuels by power plants, industrial wastes, emission from vehicles, etc. produces the major pollutants.


What is the impact?

Smog is a very toxic pollutant. Most of the people are not aware of it. Smog can create adverse impact on humans, animals and crops. The people of Delhi are facing serious threats due to smog.

Thick smog causes irritation in the eye. Eye gets watery and our visibility is affected. It can cause respiratory problems. People with asthma are severely affected when they are exposed to smog. Immense smog can even cause pulmonary disease like lung cancer.

Minor pains, cold, pneumonia, strong coughs, bitter taste in mouth, etc. are some other impacts caused by smog. Even plant growth and crop harvesting can be stopped by smog. Other than the diseases, smog has created large inconvenience in the state. City traffic is affected as one vehicle cannot see the other one properly.

Some people have temporarily migrated to other states due to this smog. If the smog continuous, it will surely affect all the functioning of the state.

What are the safety measures taken?

Government has taken some safety measures to help people,  The schools are closed for few days. Government has also temporarily shut down a coal power plant.

  • The construction works are stopped for 5 days.
  • People should be careful when they go outside, Never go out without a proper mask and  For patients with asthma, it is better to stay indoors.
  • Outdoor activities should be reduced. It is better to keep air purifiers to freshen up the air.
  • To prevent such air pollution in future, Government should keep upgrading the pollution policies.
  • People should bring modifications in their life styles.
  • The use of vehicles should be reduced, Alternate sources of fuel should be used instead of non-renewable sources like coal.
  • People and government become more careful, the state can get rid of air pollution.


Delhi is as an example of human activities destroying the peace of a state. The other states should be careful of this. If they don’t take proper precautions, they will also face nature’s threats in the form of pollution.

Whatever we do, make sure it is eco-friendly and it doesn’t pollute nature. Beware and make aware of pollution.