How To Improve Ranking of Blog Post?


One of the important elements of SEO is keyword ranking and position which is necessary for a blogger or SEO professional to check their Google keyword ranking for target keywords. One of the most common mistakes bloggers make that they write and publish articles without targeting important keywords.

Step by Step Instructions to Enhance Your Keywords Positioning in Google?,” is presumably the million dollar address each blogger has ever thought.

1# Optimize Your Blog Post Title

Your blog entry title is the grapple message that pulls guests from web search tool pages. Make certain to include keywords into it, ideally the ones you need to rank for.

  • Noteworthy Tip 1: 

Prefer to include narrower and  targeted keywords than broader keywords.

For instance: If you have an article about “Long Tail Keywords” go for ” How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO” instead of a wide “Long Tail Keywords” as it were.


  • Noteworthy Tip 2:

Take a stab at utilizing significant and psychological keywords as a part of your blog entry     title. You can fundamentally help your positioning by utilizing keywords like “upgraded”, “well-ordered guide” and so forth.

In spite of the fact that these words themselves have nothing to do with SERP except for they will build your active visitor clicking percentage (CTR) which is likewise a positioning factor.

  • Noteworthy Tip 3:

Keep your title labels inside 59 characters. Google considers 50-59 characters in showing on  a 512-pixel screen which implies a normal 55 lettered title tag is ideal.

2# Add Keywords To Post and Media

Include keywords in a way that does not seem stuffed.

Once more, have a go at utilizing different related catchphrases as a part of the post content that has comparative pursuit esteem. It will help you a considerable measure to get positioned on Google.


Web indexes have turned out to be more natural and can recognize a modest keyword stuffed article from truly important ones with related catchphrases as well.

3# Internal Linking

Inner-connecting is one of the most secure approaches of getting backlinks from your own site. This can likewise deplete some web crawler squeeze on generally old posts and in the long run help per user by demonstrating a related post of significant worth.


Significant Tips:

Connection to related posts: You ought to connection to related posts and on the setting to your present post. Connecting a page on composting attitudes to a post on engineering will accomplish more mischief than great.


#4 Guest Blogging

You can clearly utilize visitor presents on highlighting pertinent posts of yours which are in-setting.

Having a visitor post on a definitive web page can support your blog’s positioning and internet searcher permeability.


On the off chance that you are new to Guest blogging, then it’s exceptionally prescribed to you to peruse this visitor blogging guide.

#5 Blog Commenting

Which was at first done to interface and construct connections is currently a decent wellspring of getting perceivable. You can seek keyword “Luv” and comment “Luv” empowered websites to leave your wanted

Noteworthy Tips:

  • Try not to remark on sites that are spam and superfluous to your specialty. This won’t just keep your website from being hailed by Google additionally help you decrease the skip rate that the perusers of those online journals would convey to you.

#6 Social Shares

In spite of the fact that social shares are dependably a questionable element of boosting your web crawler rankings, they for beyond any doubt will help you to rank higher on Google.

The more  quantity of social shares, the more is the referral movement which consequently implies more power and at last higher rankings.



Insane! Huh?

How to get more social shares on your blog posts?

Significant Tips:

Share the hell out of your blog entries. You haven’t drudged day night to keep the post in your wardrobe. Rather make it sparkle like gold.

In the event that you are embarrassed about sharing your blog entries like anything, about-face and alter it to concoct something that you will gladly share.

Here is a precious rundown of blog entry sharing that you can use to share your blog entries consequently after you have distributed them.

Get responsive social share catches on your site that permit guests to share your substance. There is no should be all over the place, utilize just 4-5 arranges that bring you huge amounts of movement.

Do social bookmarking for your blog entries that would, at last, bring you more reshares and referral

movement or traffic.

#7 Re-purpose Your Content

When you have made a substance that merits flaunting why give it similar old outfits. Keep in mind Donald duck and Uncle Scrooge?

Yes, they were the main species that had a striking resemblance outfit each day. Not the same with our blog entries, however.

You ought to re-purpose your blog entries into different sorts of substance like recordings and slides that are effortlessly rankable.

Check these 9 sorts of substance you should distribute in your blog.

Noteworthy Tips:

  1. Change over your post into a video. You can utilize your current post for this or can make a mystery with a PowerPoint presentation changed over to video. Presently transfer it to YouTube with a connection back to your blog entry. how-to-improve-ranking-of-blog-post
  2. Change over your posts into pdf and syndicate them to destinations like Slide share. Slide share is presently the YouTube for advertisers (as said by So influence its gigantic potential.
  3. Did you know internet searcher creep Slide Share consistently? This is on the grounds that the enormous number of entries. You can utilize this to get your posts positioned soon after they are distributed.
  4.  I firmly prescribe you to peruse: The Marketer’s Guide to Slide Share ~ How to Build Your Brand, Generate Leads, and Create Opportunities Different goodies that will help you to increment and improve your web search tool rankings are:
  5. Increase your site speed .
  6. Make your site versatile responsive. Utilize an excellent quick stacking and responsive topic like these.
  7. Overhaul your old blog entries and resuscitate them utilizing these procedures.
  8. Fabricate amazing connections to your blog for better rankings. In the event that your blog is new, attempt these third party referencing strategies for new websites.
  9. Check keywords difficulty before focusing on any keywords. how-to-improve-ranking-of-blog-post
  10.  Do appropriate keyword research and contender examination with a specific end goal to deny them of their SERPs. Utilize these systems to check your rivals’ keywords.
  11. Get your sentence structure and composing right. Google never observes a page loaded with mistakes as legitimate. Take after this technique to discover and amend your linguistic missteps on the web.


In this way, you now have gotten the top tips to rank #1 in Google. I have taken after these tips myself to enhance the keyword rankings of my blog and they work wonderfully.