Important Plugins Every Blog Must Have


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what are the other most important plugins you must have for your blog!!


In this article,  we are going to discuss below points:

  • What Is Plugin In WordPress, and How It Is Useful For My Blog?
  • How To Choose And Setup A  Plugin For My Blog?
  • Life Guts Recommended Plugins, You Must Have For A Successful Blog

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 In Software Engineer Term “Plugin” means add-on, extension or add-in,  which is a software component use to add any specific feature in the existing system.

In WordPress, Plugin is an inbuilt feature or software component which added in the WordPress blog to achieve some addition features.

some of the well-known software component(plugins) are Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time Player, Java Plugins or web browser plugins.

Below are some important features of plugin:

  • Extend feature of existing application
  • Support easily after adding new features
  • Rich module addition
  • Install and play facility

In WordPress, plugins are the most important thing you must be aware it enhance the various add-on facilities  like SEO Checker, Website Traffic Tracker, Tag Manager, Social Sharing etc.

“Plugin are the most important part of our blog, it helps us to extend feature of existing application and add some useful additional tools to manage blog”

 How To Choose and Setup A  Plugin For My Blog?

 Below are the step by step procedure which will describe you about installing a plugin into your blog.

STEP-1: Login to your blog with the credential i.e. (replace “yoursite” with your domain)


STEP-2: Once you logged in with valid credential and click “Login” button It redirects you to dashboard page.


STEP-3: Click on “Plugins” menu (which is showing in the left menu bar) after that click “Add New” button.

                 Plugins-> Add New


STEP-4: Once you can click “Add New” button it redirects to a page with all existing list of plugins as well as option to search for the new plugin. you can search any plugin and click “Install Now” button.


STEP-5: After successful installation of the plugin you can click on “Activate” button and this plugin will activate.


  Life Guts Recommended Plugins, You Must Have For A Successful Blog

There are some very important plugins you must have while you set up your blog. These are very useful to track your traffic, boost your post, SEO friendly tools.

Below are some of our recommended plugins which you must use in your blog:

  1. Jetpack:  Jetpack plugin simplify  your traffic tracking facility, subscriber capturing and  social add-on like facebook like box widget etc. It useful for you in terms of traffic growth, security, image performance, centralized management. DOWNLOAD PLUGIN>>
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin: This plugin is useful to improve your article ranking based on keyword and provide facility to write better content. It will guide you and mention the paragraph line if you will not follow standard SEO rule. you can download this plugin DOWNLOAD PLUGIN>>
  3. Share Buttons by AddThis Plugin: This plugin add-on social sharing button at the top bottom and sidebar area. it provided the facility  to share your post on social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, tumbler, youtube etc. DOWNLOAD PLUGIN>>
  4. WP Review Schema Free: This review schema plugin improves your SEO ranking and CTR as well as look good in google with schema rating add-on. DOWNLOAD PLUGIN>>
  5. Facebook Like Box: This plugin provides you the facility to add a facebook lie box anywhere in your page either in the right sidebar, left sidebar as well as in footer. you can directly show your readers and approach to like your facebook page. it also show all the timeline activity and liked user count in a very beautiful manner.DOWNLOAD PLUGIN>>

Hope This Article Helps you to provide information about plugins and some most important plugins you must have.

Have A Great Blogging Career Ahead!!!


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