How to Overcome Fear?


Do you have any fear?

If your answer is a no,  then I am sure it is a lie.

We all have fears, That fear can be anything.

Fear is a condition of mind where we are afraid to face something, someone or some situation. Some people are afraid of certain situations.

Do you remember the first time you stood on a stage?


Weren’t you afraid of the audience there?

It was the stage fear that you faced in that situation.

Some are afraid of certain things, animals or human beings. Always our mind is occupied with some kind of fear. It can be a silly thing to a big problem.

It is very necessary to overcome fear. The reasons that make it necessary are as follows:

1. Fear can destroy our peace of mind, The sleepless nights that we sometimes suffer are         mostly due to fear.

2. Strong fear can cause phobia. Phobia is an anxiety disorder that is caused due to intense       fear.

Here are some examples of certain phobias:

a) Acrophobia – fear of heights

b) Zeusophobia – fear of Gods

c) Gatophobia – fear of cats

d) Bathophobia – fear of depths

e) Hadephobia – fear of hell

f) Ranidaphobia – fear of frogs

g) Lachanophobia – fear of vegetables

h) Mageirophobia – fear of cooking

i) Nyctophobia – fear of dark

j) Uranophobia – fear of heaven


3. There is always a freedom beyond every fear, Often we cannot enjoy it.

4. Fear can degrade our talents. Due to fear we may not be able to progress in our talents.

5. Over anxiety can cause mental strain and diseases.

The above list is not complete, Have you ever thought that the

fears you are facing now need to be conquered?

Here, I am giving three simple steps to overcome your fear.


Our main problem is that we don’t face our fears. We often run away from it. Instead of running away just take some courage and face it. Initially the results will be very bad.

But soon it will help us to overcome it. The best advantage of facing our fears is that slowly we become vulnerable to it.


For example, if you are afraid of heights, then just go to a hill top, It will be very hard in the beginning, Just believe that you can do it, Take a deep breath and move forward. It will surely help you.

Remember, God has given everyone the strength to face everything that comes in their life. So you also have the strength. You just need to accept it.


After facing your fear, you need to fight with it. Think that you are a fully prepared soldier. Your fear is your weak enemy, Proclaim a war with your fears and win it.

Your mind is your best weapon.

Fill it with some positive energy,  Set up your mind and this  power is very important.

“Tell your mind that you can win it, Be bold.”

For example, if you have a fear of examinations; just calm your mind and prepare for exams. Anyway you have to face the exams and cannot run away it.


So teach your mind to think positively, I have done my part well, so whatever is going to happen in the examination will be in favor me. Just believe like this., It will do miracles.

Have a belief in God or the supreme power,  Think that you are not alone to fight. The God is with you,  He will help you.

The fight may be hard for you. But never give up. Continue it, until you get rid of that fear.


The last step is that you need to overcome it. Facing and fighting will become an unsuccessful process if you cannot overcome it.

Have a strong faith that there is no more fear for me, I made it and I am out of it.

For example, imagine that you are afraid of dark. You took a strong decision to face it. So you planed to walk in the night. You prepared your mind and walked through the dark. While walking, you faced strong fear.

But your mind did not give up and you successfully completed the walk.

Now, what does this tell you? You don’t have to be afraid of dark as you can face it.

But even after successful completion, if you are again afraid of dark then it won’t have any use.


Therefore once you succeed, no more turning back. Fear is more or less our imagination, Don’t put your expectation on others. Also don’t live for others expectations, Live for yourself, Live in the present, without regretting your past, with big golden dreams for future.

Face your fears, fight your fears and overcome it, Don’t allow any fear to steal your victory.

“You are born to win.”
“You are born to be fearless.”