11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles


Writing may be your passion, your dream or even your life, But when it comes to making money you really need to be updated and sharpen your writing skills.

So do you think you can write?

11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles

Then you should really check out these websites:

  • About.com
    One of the most popular and visited websites,you can earn money through it by becoming an About guide.
11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles
Source: http://www.about.com/

It has an estimated user range of about 60 million and still counting. So it would be a            better place to showcase your writing talent for a wide range of users.Due to it’s great          popularity,you get noted and you will be able to reach a wide range of audience.

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  • Squidoo
    Do you have any personal write-ups ?

Then this is the right place for you, You can become a member here and submit your             articles,which are called as lenses. About half of the income that Squidoo makes through       your lenses will be in your pocket, This is the unique feature of Squidoo.

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  • Hubpages
    It is a very easy to website with a simple procedure-Submit your article,which must be at  least 700 words and approved.
11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles
Source: http://hubpages.com/

Hubpages pays the user with a lump sum of  minimum $100.The main drawback is               that,you will have to apply for your Google AdSense.

The process is tough but once you crack it,you will be able to make it happen at this place     for content writing.

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  • Writers Weekly
    Having ideas on making money online ?

Then this website is for you.You get a lump sum of $40-$60 per article, This is the right         place if you have some experience with content writing and you are willing to make a             career out of it.

11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles
Source: http://writersweekly.com/

You need to have a great content and a good idea and it is all it takes to be a part of             writers weekly.

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  • iWriter
    This Website pays you for writing articles within an allotted time.On writing 30 articles,you become a premium writer and when you get 4.5 star reviews,you attend the status of elite writer.

Clients will have to approve your article.If they reject it,then you will have to improve            your writing.The editing team here is very strict and you must be void of grammatical            errors,punctuation errors and spelling mistakes, Also your content has to be of high                quality  for being a part of iWriter Other than that,it is a great place for content writers.

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  • College Humor
    Have a humorous story regarding your college life ? Then this is the right place for you.There are over 100 million videos here and it attracts over 15 million members.The editors will approve your article if they like it.

Then you will be paid $25,if they put your articles on the article page,then $50 if you get        they put it on the homepage and $100,if you get 1 lakh views.

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  • Freelancer.com
    This is a website where you do freelancing and you need to give bids.You will get paid for various projects you do.You get a wide range of content writing projects here and you can write here.
11 Best Sites to Make Money by Writing Articles
Source: https://www.freelancer.com/

The amount you are paid varies with each client and you just need to ensure you provide       them with the best.The main advantage here is you can schedule your time and you can       manage your work load as you need.

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  • Site Point
    This is a website where you get paid for technical writing.It is based on Melbourne,Australia.

The articles have to technical,constructive and innovative.The users are paid well                   according to the article content and quality.
They cover the topics regarding Information technology, They mainly cover a wide area         like Web development and Mobile app development.This is your shelter if you are techie         person and willing to explore the advancement of technology.

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  • Content Mart
    In case of outsourcing writing works or finding jobs,this is the best website.It just follows the 4 steps:-
    1. Post an order
    2. Choose a writer
    3. Review content
    4. Project complete
    Following these four processes,you will be able to make it as a content writer at ContentMart.It requires an online registration.

The pay will be based on your work and you will need to work according to it.So be                 prepared for it.

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  • Craiglist
    This is also one of the leading website in content writing market.The main benefit is that you find clients within the local area.

You can find thousands of offers here and you can easily find freelancing jobs here.Due to       it’s simple approach, it has become more popular and most sought after.

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  • LinkedIn-pro finder
    This is the additional feature provided by LinkedIn where you can do freelance technical writing,translation,editing,copy writing,content strategy,ghost writing and blogging.You can apply to be a pro here,if you are a freelance professional.

This is one of the places where you need to have pre experiences in the field of content          writing. If you are an expert,this is the place for you.

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Thus these websites would be a really great place,if you are willing to work as a content writer and if you are willing to take up writing as your profession.

The competition would be tough but once you are able to carve a name for yourself,then there is nothing you need to worry and there will be no turn backs in your path of content writing.So write on!