10 Most Important Electronic Appliances You Must Have


Technology plays an important role in our lives today and thus has become a part of us. Right from the start of the day to the end, technology has helped us improve our lives. Whether be it washing clothes or feeding our pet, technology has improved everything.

There were times, when people used earthen pots to cool water rather than a refrigerator doing it for us. Also, when it came to washing clothes, the dirty smell people had to smell, and the scrubbing which need to be done to remove stains. Oh! A tiring task indeed!

But gone are the days when we used to do such things and instead, we invest in something called ‘Appliances’ to do these things for us.

Here’s a list of important appliances one must have:

  • Induction Cooktop: Gone are the days when you would need to call for a gas cylinder or pay gas bills. Instead, you can invest into an induction cook top. They are available in may sizes, functions, features, and designs which suit to the different needs. On top of that, it cooks food faster, thus saving a lot of electricity. And, works with your existing utensils.

An Induction Cooktop

  • Refrigerator: A home without a refrigerator is an unlikely sight these days. Gone are the days when one had to go to the market early morning to buy milk. Instead you can now purchase it at your convenience and store it for days. Today, refrigerators come in various type and sizes. If you want a bigger size with multiple compartments, try searching for a big french door refrigerator. If you want a smaller size you can opt for a direct cool one.

The Big French Door Refrigerator

  • Microwave: A microwave has become a need these days, as it has various uses. You can not only heat food but you can also bake a cake, if you have a convection microwave oven. Also, you can use it as a grill to grill your favourite foods such as Tikka’s, and Kebab’s, if your microwave has a built-in grill function.

A Smart Convection Microwave

  • Washing Machine: Scrubbing of clothes and Wrinkled Skin are all things of the past. All thanks to a great invention called a “Washing Machine”. This appliance has help improve our lives greatly. Just put in all the clothes, add a scoop of detergent, and press a button that’s all whats need to be done to wash a load of clothes these days. Also, some of them come built-in with a heater to provide hot water for a wrinkle free wash.

Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Television: Present in the market in different types and sizes, television is the most important need in human life today. It is the main source of entertainment for some, and a luxury for some. For some, its a source of rich cinematic experience, who attach it to their home theater systems and view movies in style.


  • Radio: The oldest form of entertainment devices in the world. A radio provides with news, entertainment, and information.


  • Water Heater: Are you still filling buckets with cold water and running around with it to the stove to heat water? Then you should probably invest in a water heater. They come with a storage tank of different quantity to heat and store hot water.

  • Air Conditioner: Filling up a cooler to cool up your room are all days of the past. Instead today we all use an air conditioner to make us feel comfortable and cozy.

Air Conditioner

  • Telephone: A most important appliance in one’s life, “A Telephone”, which helps us calling the right person at the right time.


  • Alarm Clock: At last, but not the least, an alarm clock. A device which helps you wake up on time and helps you not get late for your chores and work.

Alarm Clock