10 Experiences You Should have Before Turning 30

10-Experiences-You-Should-have-Before -Turn-30

One of my greatest teachers (even though I haven’t met him) Jim rohn says in of his seminars, “life is

a collection of experiences, their frequency and their intensity”. To lay out a conclusion, one

can say, life should be an adventure, a grand one at that And at the end of every adventure

there should be a reward.

I believe fulfillment is that grand reward of that grand adventure. Thus we all want to attain that state of mind called fulfillment at the end. This is my list of the top 10 experiences you must have before you turn 30.


Bear with my ideology dear sweet reader as all of them are not exactly individual experiences, rather they are the building blocks of thoughts and actions that create a lifetime of amazing experiences . I have made this list having the word fulfillment in mind. So here we go.

1. Know Yourself

These wise words are often neglected or taken lightly. Making this, an absolute agenda in your life can make all the difference. The conscious reflection of that person underneath. Who is he/She? What are his/her intentions, desires, strengths, personality, outlook and perception. how much am I in sync with this inside person?

The list of questions goes on and on. I know, this is tough, in fact, its freaking trauma. Going through self evaluation is self induced pain.

And who wants to do that?

But Is it worth it?

Damn right it is…


In fact, without it, you are lost. The journey, this one phrase will take you on, is in itself, a great big adventure. A collection of deep personal experiences is only a small portion of the enormous rewards that come with it. Remember, it all starts with you.

2. Make attempts on Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion before you’re thirty is not an actual requirement. You got plenty of time for it. I say, make conscious and deliberate attempts on finding it. I am just saying, the sooner the better.

And why before 30?

Because we happen to live in this obscenely fast moving world where its okay to sidetrack and sidetrack your dreams and matters of the heart until they disappear. Start the passion chasing process from a young age and go with it.

10-Experiences-You-Should-have-Before -Turn-30

One day it will come to you in a viable and acceptable, not-crazy way. I think finding your passion is a by-product of the process of knowing yourself. It is a matter of the heart. You will know when you find it.

3. Make attempts on Finding Love

Love is the strongest of emotions that a human can feel. Need I say more about the importance of finding it? It’s the same case, as with passion. There is absolutely no rush. You won’t know when you’re gonna find her/him. You could be 30,40,50, heck you could be 80.

That is “ If you find her at all”,  just kidding. Seek and you shall find.

Ask and you shall receive. So the thing you do before you’re 30? Seek, Ask. Higher chance of finding her earlier if you keep at it enthusiastically. Go on date, with the objective of finding her. Do whatever it takes. And as to other matters of the heart, you will know when you find her.


Heck you could be wrong. And it may not work out and you may realize she wasn’t the one. I mean all this can happen. And what do you when you shit goes wrong? Keep at it. Keep Seeking. Keep Asking. Just Putting a famous quote here.

“Just keep swimming” – Dory

4. Build Faith

Faith is another human emotion. It is as strong as love. It is the strongest ally you’ll have in the face of all oppositions. Believing in god is a great way to have faith. Another is faith in yourself.

Although, I prefer the first one. Faith is the foundation of a meaningful and beautiful life. And like everything else, faith can also be developed. Believers are free from fear and worry. Just imagine being a fearless adult.

You can do anything you set your mind to, with faith. A believer can take risks easily because there is a profound realization that all is well. Life in effect is so much easier with faith.

5. Enjoy the Freedom Years, Explore

Party like an animal, get drunk, get wasted, get high, go to an EDM festival. Learning to live large. Simply because, there is no other time for you to do this.

Get into some fights.

Experience some heartbreaks. Be reckless. Not too much though. Its all part of a greater lesso ”LEARNING TO FILL THE OPPOSITES”. You need to know, both the sides, the good and the bad to understand the full reality of the life that you’re living Remember, “EXPERIENCES”, their frequency, their intensity.

10-Experiences-You-Should-have-Before -Turn-30

Another great thing about the freedom years is that you get to DRESS your best. Go all out on that too.

6. Live Extreme

Two points I want to illustrate here.

First one…Mountain climbing, Surfing, Scuba diving, Skydiving. Everyone wants to do them. Go do it. Don’t wait for your work and old age to consume your life and think ill do them later. You wont be as young as you are now. Seriously, GO.,,,,

The second one is about taking risks. Best age for that. Now that you are free. Not many things to tie you down. Take risks. And feel the experiences. Take risks and fail. See what it feels like. See how growth accompanies when you fail and take it like a champ. Your greatest lessons lie here.

7. The Awesome World only known to Readers

Build the habit of reading. Anyone who dreams of the good life, take my word for it. You wont get there without the books. Nothing can empower you as much as reading can. If you think your brains, or your looks or you are physique is your greatest strength at the moment.

Its gonna change. There will be a time when wisdom stands taller than all the rest of them. Read life changing books, great classics, fiction, literature, autobiographies, philosophical content. Anything of value that you can get your hands on.

Best advice ever. Read, for Heavens sake.

8. Dreaming as big as you can

You are only limited by your imagination. Whatever you dream, you can become. Its not gonna be easy. As is the case with all things of value in life. You wont get value without putting in the work. Applying the principles of auto suggestion, laws of attraction and imprinting those dreams into your subconscious is a good way to get you started with the dream business.

Denzel Washington says, dreams without goals, remain dreams.


Goal setting is the most effective thing you can do to achieve em. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Mix this with faith. And you are already there.

9. Independence

Try living by yourself. Get a job in a city. Get used to the struggles, Cook by yourself, manage all your finances. In other words experience independence with all its ups and downs.

10-Experiences-You-Should-have-Before -Turn-30

10. The Learning Process

This one is simply about living your life. Every moment of every day of your life. The difference is that you learn. You learn each and every moment. Id like to call it being in a constant state of experiencing evaluating and adapting.

Being conscious of improving yourself everyday. This is something that should be done throughout your life. Start this under 30 and the experience that you get when you start seeing changes in your life makes you wonder and amaze at the possibilities you never even thought about.


  1. Realizing that I haven’t even thought about these things ever in my life.. These are gonna be in my to-do list from today 🙂
    Great article (y)